Far from the madning multitunes of a modern metopolic sprawls a barren land of 150 acre at Chakur in latur district not a bird nor a beast still into the land for if offers them need a food nor water who could have dremt that this barren mods would one day blossom into beauty and bounty but this most unlikely dreams has come true this paradise aptly called SAINANDANVANAM has drawn countless pilgrim and tourist, not only from Maharashtra but from the whole world at large.

A lafty temple of Lord Shiva stand here fashioned after the Jyotirlinga the epithet of Shri Shankara A number of other gods and goddesses keep him company in their respective shrine all human beings has free access to them whatever their Caste Creed and faith. The divine blessing of Bhagwan Shri Satya Sai Baba have indeed converted this land in the real heaven on the Earth.

The Whole environment of Sainandanvanam abounds in thousand of tree's big and small yielding fruits and flowers of every sort the most renowned agriculturists have planted and maintained them with perfect precision and for the sheer benefit of tourists. The Nandanvanam has build the VRINDAVAN AMUSEMENT AND WATER PARK on the auspicious day of krishnasthami that is the 18th Aug.2003
To Sum up, Sainandanvanam is the most blessed blend of Bhakti and Shakti of prayer and power of it is equipped with all amenities of mundane life. And it stands tall in all majesty has a nucleus of pilgrimage and tourism, be oning all and sundry to benefit from it blessing a Visit to Sainandanvanam would enable them to forget their daily cores and worries and transport them in to a new world of pure peace and bliss.
The games are not only enjoyed by kid but it also attracts adults and olders.Swing into a mood of spirited stimulation treat yourself to water sports that rejuvenate and refresh add a dash of sporting you to that extra sparkle this summer at vrindavan park you have the means to indulge to the max with exciting option of water rides, games and many more fun zone vrindavan park with exhilarating rides some of the latest,high tech ones, the Dash Car, Battery Car for kids , Coin Games, mini Track train ,Engine boating ,Waterpark Etc.

The vrindavan park spread over the area of 120 acres of land situated close to Chakur (Taluka place) The mamosh Waterpark where every individual plays, enjoys, relaxes or even dance.


Once you will visit this place you will never avoid to come again and again ...

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